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We are Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions, your local handyman for varied home repair and maintenance services.

Buildings require maintenance. Over time, different elements such as plumbing roofing, electrical works and fencing develop problems, thereby necessitating repair. In some cases, you simply cannot afford to procrastinate on emergency repairs.

While you cannot ignore such requirements, you also need to make sure that you don't hire just any service for the repair and maintenance tasks. You need an expert who understands the causes of problems and has the expertise to repair them meticulously. You find such expertise, meticulousness and experience at Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions.

Find skilled handymen at Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions

At Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions, we cater to a wide range of home needs such as carpentry, roofing, building pergolas, painting, decorating, fencing and so much more. Essentially, we are your local "odd job" specialists. If you have trouble finding a handyman to fix your broken fence or a broken driveway, call us.

Be it the tough and risky task of repairing a roof or the skilful task of painting the walls, we ensure that our technicians are well trained in their jobs so that they can give you top quality work.

Every handyman at Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions is a thorough professional. They are courteous, friendly, honest and experienced in their trade. They turn up on time and complete the job as soon as possible. More importantly, they handle small jobs as well as the big ones. Handymen from Gold Coast Maintenance Service do not leave your premises until you are completely satisfied with the job.

Why Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions?

We are a registered, insured and bonded company whose number is worth saving on your mobile phone because we have an effective solution to almost all issues related to home maintenance & commercial maintenance. This is the reason why we are a unique business in Queensland. So, whatever the job, if you need a professional to get it done, do get in touch with us. You don't need to hire a different tradesman for every requirement.

Our prices are reasonable. We don't charge any hidden fees. After inspecting your premises and depending on problems in the building, we give you a clear and transparent quote. Basically, we only charge you for the time we spend on your premises – nothing more, nothing less.

Contact Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions whenever you need a skilled handyman. Call 0413 218 992 (Marc) for a free quote.

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