Carpentry and Fencing

As we are qualified in carpentry we can tackle all building jobs big or small. If its fixing a broken internal door or building a new bedroom we can do the job at the right price and in good time with no fuss. If its made out of timber then we can fix it!

Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions have extensive knowledge and experience in the building trade and can always be contacted on the number above for a free quote or just some friendly advice. We are more than just a maintenance company, we are a solutions company, So if we cant help, We will find the solution for you free of charge.

We are a one stop renovation shop. We demolish, build, renovate, plaster and paint. Our lines and details are true and clean and are the markings of trademen. One of our experienced crew can be at your place within 12 hours fixing or building something that's been on your mind for months......

That's the difference between us and other "Handymen" is that we are actually tradesmen, specialising in renovation and maintenance. And that is why we have a successful business and why people keep calling back. The number one goal for us is to solve your problem!

We are experienced in timber fencing, glass fencing, glass balustrading, pool fencing , retaining walls, tennis courts, security fencing, privacy fencing and just about every type of outdoor structure you could imagine. We are using a range of different products from Merbau timber right through to composite materials making them vertually indestructible to pests. The applications for these products is very wide. Deckings, fencing and privacy screens no longer a target for pests!

Feel free to call us anytime to talk about any of our wide range or services and we will be happy to listen!