Painting and Decorating

Small dings in the walls or lets paint your whole house! G.C.M.S does it all.

Holes in the walls are not a problem. Small or big we can fix them by cutting out the affected area, going to the local hardware store and getting the paint matched and plastering the area to a finish that makes it hard it to see there was a problem to start with.

Ceilings in houses sometimes tend to start sagging or bowing after a while. This depends on leaks in the roof tiles and what type of fixings have been used. Getting onto this quickly can have dramatic consequences. Getting in early and re-fixing the ceiling and plastering with a quick coat of paint will not only fix the problem but also brighten up the ceilings and will help your home maintenance.

Any timber products around the home, like deckings, fences, floors all need to be maintained to keep them in good shape and to keep your property looking as good as it can. Don’t wait until it gets really bad.Remember the more often you do it, the cheaper it will be and the better it will look. We use only the best products. Cheap finish equals cheap look. We pride ourselves on fine work and timber at its finest is an investment worth holding on to.

Selling your home or wanting to transform the interior or exterior? You would be surprised how much difference a couple of coats of paint will have. It looks new and it looks clean. We use the best methods and our friendly team will have you home looking new in a few days. All work we do is clean, Compliant and knowledgeable. Any colour or finish is just a phone call away.

Mould or moisture marks can leave walls or ceilings looking old and unsightly. Painting over them only masks the problem until the mould grows back. We use a special blend of state or the art paints that have mould retardant additives that will reduce and stop the growth of mould in the area and also conceal the markings that it made to the area.

If it involves Holes, dings, picture hooks, 3M hooks, scuff marks, Mouldy areas, moisture marks, tried paint, peeling paint and just about anything that can be painted, we can do it now and we can do it right!